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“Our job is to make your job easier.”

Members of Our Support and Development TeamsThat’s our motto, and we strive to produce the most flexible, stable and functional products we can. We’re always thinking of new features to include in GoFiler, and we’re constantly working to improve the functions that are already a part of the application. It is our goal to provide our customers with the best products possible.

Members of our team have been involved with the operational EDGAR system since its implementation in 1993. We were also involved in the design process starting in 1984, so we are familiar with the workings of the EDGAR System and know first-hand the importance of your EDGAR software. We’re committed to helping you keep your EDGAR costs low without sacrificing the functionality of your conversion package.

With the upcoming changes to the EDGAR System and the inclusion of XBRL as a filing medium, we promise to be here, ready to help make your company’s continuing transition to XBRL as easy as possible.

Who we are:

We’re a small organization, but we like it that way. It means when you call, you always get to talk to a real person and usually that person has spoken to you before. We like to have real relationships with our customers, so you know that we’ll always be here to listen to you and address your concerns directly.

It also puts you in direct contact with our developers, so they know how changes made to the software will affect you. Your input makes the software better.

Scott Theis, CEO

Scott has been in the EDGAR industry for three decades and has brought his expertise to Novaworks to help us build the only turn-key EDGAR conversion and EDGAR XBRL solution on the market. If you’re not familiar with Scott, or have never heard his name, we’ve listed just a few of his accomplishments. We think you’ll agree that he is the right man to spearhead the development of the GoFiler family of products.Scott Theis, President and CEO


In the early 1980s, Scott was the Director of R&D for a major word processing conversion company. “Antares introduced me to the SEC and to financial printing. Our products had to perform at all times in all cases. Back in the early-PC days, all the word processors ran on proprietary hardware platforms. Not only were the underlying word processing file formats different, they were on different operating systems – they even used different hardware and diskette sizes,” recalls Scott. Just prior to Scott joining Antares, the SEC retained the firm to furnish equipment and services to convert documents for submission on the newly created EDGAR Pilot project.

Scott has worked with the EDGAR System at multiple levels. In 1986, Scott joined Sorg Printing, a national financial printer. “Later Sorg introduced BDM and Mead Data Central, MDC, to explore the opportunity of bidding on building the first full EDGAR System, the so-called ‘Operational EDGAR System’. I originally joined Sorg to aid their customers during the transition to EDGAR. This later morphed into representing filers’ interests as a member of the EDGAR design team. It was great working with a major defense contractor and the number one text database company, MDC being the creator of Lexus and Nexus. We felt we were in an excellent position to win the EDGAR bid simply given the volume of SEC documents to be processed. Only MDC could handle such a volume of data while satisfying the SEC’s search time requirements.

“Our small team created the overall architecture, including the concept of building filer assistance software, which eventually became the first version of EDGARLink.” The design of the Operational EDGAR system was extremely innovative, being the first large distributed computer system utilizing desktop PCs as smart clients with a transaction-based server system.

The BDM/MDC/Sorg team won the bid to build the system. After the ’87 market crash, Scott elected to leave the “big iron” financial printing business to join a start-up firm pioneering the use of desktop publishing to perform financial publishing. “It was a hard decision to leave Sorg and the EDGAR team, but it was the right decision to move on.” With such turmoil in the financial printing marketplace, Sorg closed its doors in 1989-1990 after nearly 70 years of operation.


As the SEC finally started the Operational EDGAR System phase-in, Scott co-founded Document Technologies Corp (dTech). “It was clear that the ‘Save As’ ASCII process for EDGAR was going to be a disaster. Filers needed good conversion options and a premium set of ASCII editing tools geared toward tabular documents. In 1993, we released the first version of EDGAR Ease®’.

EDGAR Ease quickly became the leading “EDGARizing” product in the market place. “With the advent of the Internet and HTML, interest grew in coming up with a better way to represent the typographical content of financial documents. During the mid-90s, we informally provided consultation to the SEC on topics such as how to embed images within EDGAR documents. We then followed this up with a number of ‘white papers’ and comment letters geared to practical EDGAR problem solving.”


In 2001, dTech was approached by CCH and acquisition negotiations started. “Part of dTech’s business was production services. I was pretty much burned out on the 24/7 aspect of document conversion and production. The acquisition gave me the opportunity to take a break and focus more on technology.”

In 2006, Novaworks was established to build EDGAR integration tools and launched EDGAR Flash in that same year. Later in 2006, Scott joined Novaworks with the goal of building a fully integrated conversion, editing and filing package, which became GoFiler. “I really felt this was a great move to work exclusively on the next generation of EDGAR technology and by having a tightly held company we can give a laser-like focus on the problems of EDGAR and XBRL.”

GoFiler 1.0 was released in August 2009 with full filing and ASCII conversion. Later that year, version 1.1 was released with Section 16 support for Forms 3, 4 and 5. Form D followed in version 1.2. In September 2010, GoFiler 2.0 was released with HTML and XBRL support, and shortly thereafter in January 2011, version 2.1 was launched, providing Form N-MFP support and Risk/Return XBRL.


“Our goal is to provide our clients with the best EDGAR tools available in the market. We have an absolutely great platform, and, by the way, the only software platform that offers HTML, XBRL, ASCII, filing and other EDGAR XML forms in one desktop solution.”


Novaworks is a proud member of the following organizations:

Rochester Business Alliance Member Company


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