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Go16 Complete

Go16 Complete is the only desktop solution designed specifically for filing Section 16 forms for an unlimited number of issuers and reporting owners. Go16 Complete is stable, fast, and powerful. It doesn't rely on a web portal or internet browser so won't be bogged down by slow internet connections and clumsy browser-based tools.

With Go16 Complete, you have access to your filings 24/7 and tools that go beyond simple compliance to make your job easier and to help you provide the best services to your clients.


A special Section 16 View window presents your XML ownership document in a simple layout. Tools to copy and paste data as well as retrieve reporting owner information and frequently used footnotes make creating ownership documents fast and easy. Plus, you can open documents created using other software with no problems.
The Page View editor renders HTML exhibits like they would appear in a browser. Go16 Complete includes an HTML editor, so you can make last-minute changes to your HTML exhibits without having to use another piece of software.
Functions to align and edit ASCII text are easy-to-use. The text editing tools help you make changes to ASCII exhibits while maintaining the requirements for EDGAR.


Validation for form and document data ensures each filing will be accepted by the EDGAR System. The Validate function verifies that all of the required form data is present and that fields contain appropriate values. Document validation checks for errors in your ASCII and HTML documents that could cause your filing to be suspended.
Unparalleled proofing tools let you customize each proof. Entire projects or single documents can be sent to an internet browser for proofing purposes. You can edit proofing templates to add page and file headers, customize data, and even add your company's logo.
Both Test and Live filings can be performed with Go16 Complete. Go16 Complete files an unlimited number of Test and Live filings with no per-filing fees.
Filing is secure. All of the documents and sensitive information contained in each filing is stored on your computer or network, leaving no room for doubt about its security. Filings are performed through a secure connection directly to the EDGAR System.
Libraries store unlimited information for registrants, subject-companies, and series and classes GoFiler libraries can be shared by multiple users and even across different products in the GoFiler Suite. Data can be imported into libraries from database files or from the SEC.
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