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GoFiler is the best software for converting documents from a variety of sources to EDGAR ASCII and EDGAR HTML. For agents who outsource their XBRL or use other tools to create XBRL reports, GoFiler is the best solution available for EDGAR conversion and filing.

You get all of the powerful editing tools developed for GoFiler Complete in a package designed specifically for the conversion specialist.


GoFiler is an integration tool. Documents can be brought into GoFiler from any source application, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InDesign, Quark or other HTML editing and typesetting programs. GoFiler has unparalleled flexibility and can easily handle the poorly formatted documents that other EDGAR software can't.
Conversion is as simple as copy and paste. Copy data from external applications and paste directly into GoFiler to convert to ASCII and HTML. GoFiler will also open and automatically convert various file types like .doc and .docx. When you convert documents in GoFiler, you can control and maintain items like page breaks (hard or soft), revision marking (from DeltaView or other software), auto-numbering, and checkboxes.
Documents created by other applications can be imported and “cleaned up” for editing. Other software may offer reasonable conversions at the cost of allowing a user to easily edit data. GoFiler recognizes documents created using applications like EDGARizer and will import them using custom filters so you can pick up old files and edit documents from other HTML editors without struggling with poor formatting or coding.


GoFiler's HTML editor looks and feels like a word processor. You have superior control when editing in Page View. Making changes to the formatting of a document is simple and fast, and changes can be made to the HTML file within GoFiler without the need to re-convert an entire document.
Unparalleled ASCII tools cut down the time it takes to file dramatically. Just because HTML has become more prevalent in the filing community does not mean that ASCII is obsolete. GoFiler provides you with the best tools for editing plain text so you can satisfy customers who want to file in ASCII or who are filing forms that require ASCII.
Generate ASCII documents from a template for Form 13F-HR. GoFiler includes a template for Form 13F-HR so you can import data into the document directly from Excel or a CSV file. When the data has been added to the template, simply export it and GoFiler creates a compliant ASCII document for you with the Information Table already formatted to the SEC's specifications.


You can submit filings to the EDGAR System using one solution. GoFiler contains the tools to file any EDGARLink Online form as well as Form 3, Form 4, and Form 5. See a full list of the forms GoFiler can file.
Filing is secure. All of the documents and sensitive information contained in each filing is stored on your computer or network, leaving no room for doubt about its security. Filings are performed through a secure connection directly to the EDGAR System.
Superior proofing tools help you provide your clients with the best proofs. Validation functions ensure that filings will be accepted by the SEC before you attempt to file. Proofing tools provide printable, electronic proofs that you can send to your clients. Proofs can be customized to include header data like job numbers, client names and other information. You can even include logos.
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