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GoMFP’s powerful features make filing Form N-MFP1 fast and easy. You can quickly import data directly into the schedule of portfolio securities from Excel or other database software, which eliminates the time-consuming task of manually inputting data into the form.

Like other products in the GoFiler suite, GoMFP is a desktop application so your staff can access their files for editing at any time, even if the EDGAR System is closed or there are issues with your Internet connection.

You'll love the power, reliability and speed of GoMFP.

Streamline your Form N-MFP filings

Edit Form N-MFP in a simple interface. GoMFP's interface is an easy-to-use form template with separate pages to enter data for each section of the Form N-MFP1 document. It's fast, too. There are no load times or slow responses when working in GoMFP.
Import data fast from Excel or other database files. Entering data manually into the schedule of portfolio securities can take hours; some filings contain hundreds of entries and inputting information by hand can lead to typos or errors. With GoMFP, you can import all of the securities at once and all the data will be placed in the appropriate field automatically.
Open Form N-MFP filings from the EDGAR System or any other Form N-MFP editor. GoMFP can open previously filed Form N-MFP1 or Form N-MFP XML documents, so you can use an old filing as a basis for a new one. GoMFP will also open any XML file that was properly coded for Form N-MFP1 or N-MFP according to the SEC's specifications.
Filing is secure. All of your documents and sensitive information is stored on your own computer or network, leaving no room for doubt about its security. All of your data remains on your system until you press the File button. Filings are performed through a secure connection directly to the EDGAR System.
Superior validation and proofing tools help you prevent mistakes. Validation functions will check your document for errors before you file, and our proofing functions create a document proof that renders the form exactly as it would appear on the EDGAR System after it is filed. You can even customize your proof to include your company logo, job information and other details for your client.
Retrieve acceptance messages directly within GoMFP. GoMFP will poll the EDGAR System and download copies of all your acceptance messages immediately after filing, so you know that each filing was received and accepted by the SEC. Multiple users can also access the same mailbox at the same time.
User permissions control access to functions. An administrator can set up user permission levels to protect functions to prevent certain users or user groups from performing actions like filing.
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