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With the increasing importance of data quality for XBRL reporting, it's time to take full control of the process of creating and editing each XBRL report. GoXBRL is the solution that provides you with full control without sacrificing ease of use.

GoXBRL is the only XBRL editor available. In addition to creating reports, it can open XBRL data made using other software, so you can make changes easily and use old reports as templates for new ones. Wizards perform the complex tasks of setting up presentations and contexts, so you won't be slowed down when creating even the most complex table.

And there are no contracts to sign.


GoXBRL uses your HTML document as a basis for your XBRL report. To get data into each report, it's a matter of copy and paste. GoXBRL uses “working documents” to copy data for financial statements into the report. The Notes to Financials can be converted to XHTML directly in the wizards by copying from any source and pasting into the wizard. GoXBRL performs the necessary conversions on the fly.
As an editor, GoXBRL is capable of opening XBRL reports from other software and from the SEC. GoXBRL uses a special file called an XBRL Financial Report file (or an XFR file) to store the report in a format designed specifically for editing. Because of this, you can copy data from applications like Excel and paste it directly into a presentation to begin the process of creating the report.
Import functions can bring in the entire documents for conversion. GoXBRL's import tools can take entire prospectuses and create the Risk Return reports in one easy step.


GoXBRL's editor looks and feels like a spreadsheet. With a special pane to display the underlying XBRL information, you can edit labels and numbers as though you are working in any other spreadsheet application.
Wizards set up presentations for you using the options you set. GoXBRL has wizards that can handle even the most complex tables, including Statements of Shareholders' Equity and Schedules of Investments. Wizards for disclosures perform all levels of detail tagging at the same time.
Powerful tools like element templates and functions to adjust the reporting period make moving between quarters a snap. With GoXBRL, you can use each client's previous 10-Q or 10-K as a basis for their new filings - even if they previously filed using other software or a different agent.
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