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What our customers say:

“I have never worked with a company that is so customer-driven. All about the client, they are very responsive--quick to answer questions, set up a webinar, or support us in any way they can. Too, the quality of their product and their training is outstanding. From ASCII to XBRL, GoFiler provides the whole spectrum of services we need to make our job easier!’

— Maribeth Nagy
Fitzgerald Marketing and Communications, LLC

Our Financial Reporting Solutions

Novaworks is dedicated to providing our customers with the best technology for preparing documents and filings for submission to the EDGAR System. The GoFiler software family has a solution for every filer. Whether you belong to an organization that performs hundreds of filings daily or you’re part of an small team, we have a solution that will work with you.

All of our products are easy-to-use and intuitive. Whether you file HTML or XBRL or have used a number of different solutions in the past, the transition to GoFiler is simple, and our knowledgeable staff will be there every step of the way to get you up and running.

Our suite of products offers a wide range of solutions, so you can pick and choose the software that complements your services and only pay for the tools that you need.

GoFiler Complete

An all-inclusive package, GoFiler Complete is the only solution on the market that has tools to file every form type to the SEC, including the Online forms. GoFiler Complete is the all-in-one solution that every filing agent needs to convert documents quickly, easily make changes and AAs, validate, proof and file. Learn more about what GoFiler Complete can do for you.


Documents from any source are converted to EDGAR-compliant ASCII and HTML.
The process is a simple copy and paste operation and works with documents from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, legacy EDGAR tools, desktop publishing software or HTML typesetting systems.
Editing is easy using our Page View technology and other unparalleled tools.
You'll get the same high quality results every time you convert regardless of the original document. Even the messiest documents can be converted and edited with ease using GoFiler.


Superior XBRL tools make creating both US-GAAP and Risk Return reports fast and easy.
Powerful Import functions bring your data directly into the report from a source HTML document.
Wizards help you set up statements and disclosures while still allowing you the flexibility to meet your client's needs.
XDX intelligence makes editing reports with multiple levels of tagging simple; just edit a value in one place and GoFiler updates the fact everywhere it appears, including in the original HTML document.

XML Forms

Create and file Section 16 forms, Form 13H, Form 13F, Form D, Form N-MFP1 and Form N-SAR for your clients.
Every XML form is easy to use and is backed by powerful tools to make editing faster, such as libraries, import functions, and special copy tools.
The HTML proofs for each form are designed to match the forms as they appear on the SEC's website and can be customized to include header and footer information specific to each job.


Split and assemble large jobs to divide the work among multiple users.
Password protect certain functions using custom password protection or using authentication via Windows users groups to allow only certain users to sensitive functions like File, Save or Export.
Lock files to prevent users from accidentally changing or submitting a filing.
Share library, templates and settings files among multiple users or run GoFiler using terminal sessions or from a network installation.


For agents looking simply for a conversion platform, we offer GoFiler. GoFiler converts data from external applications to both EDGAR ASCII and EDGAR HTML using the same powerful import filters as GoFiler Complete.


Documents from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, desktop publishers or other HTML software are converted with one simple copy and paste process.
HTML files from other applications are imported and “cleaned” when opened in GoFiler to make editing fast and easy.
Powerful table tools set formatting in one step and save options so your documents always have a uniform look.
Other editing functions put the final touches on your document with ease, like converting revision marking to appropriate revisions for EDGAR HTML and adding page numbering.


Documents from Word, Excel, desktop publishers and other applications are converted to EDGAR ASCII with copy and paste.
The AutoFormat functions automatically align tabular data to eliminate time-consuming editing and to give your documents a polished look.
Reflow functions take your text and quickly align and reflow it to your specifications.
A special template for Form 13F-HR allows you to import data from an external file or from the clipboard to quickly create the text file for the Form 13F filing.


Every tool you need to assemble and file every EDGARLink Online form is available in GoFiler.
Full project validation verifies that form data and documents are in order before you file so you can avoid errors that would cause your file to be suspended.
Customizable proofs let you add your corporate identity to the proof for each filing, including specialized headers, footers and logos.
Create user groups to prevent certain users from using sensitive functions like Live File.

GoFiler is the best conversion platform available with tools for conversion and for filing that will save you time and money while enabling you to offer excellent filing services. Learn more about what GoFiler can do for you.


Our standalone solution for XBRL reporting, GoXBRL can quickly and easily create both US-GAAP and Risk Return reports for EDGAR filing.


Powerful wizards setup statements, including Shareholders' Equity and Schedules of Investments, and will create the underlying structures for your presentations based on user input from simple dialogs.
All levels of tagging can be performed using a simple disclosure wizard to create the necessary presentations for blocks, policies, tables and narrative details.
Tools for creating custom elements also allow you to set documentation.
Element templates and tools to advance reporting periods mean managing the reports from multiple clients won't be a challenge. Previous jobs can be used as the basis for the new ones.

Risk Return

Import tools bring in the data for an entire prospectus and generate the XBRL report automatically for you.
GoXBRL's powerful tools and flexibility for Risk Return reports means that you can meet your client's demands for adjusting labels, creating separate summaries, or changing the order of items in the report.
A series and class library stores hundreds of entries for quick retrieval and entry into your report.
Export a proof to Excel or use an HTML proof complete with rendered bar charts to send to your clients.


Validation tools check for errors within your report, including verification that calculations are correct and that appropriate units are being used.
XDX technology links together numerical facts with the data contained in the HTML portions of each report to ensure that changing a fact in one place changes the value everywhere it appears.
Various tools make suggestions for elements and the XBRL Element Library contains fields to see element selection based on SIC Code and form type.

GoXBRL is the simple solution for agents looking to cut XBRL costs. No contracts, no additional fees - just an intuitive and powerful desktop program.

Other Solutions

We offer a wide range of additional solutions in our suite of EDGAR products, so you can choose an all-inclusive package like GoFiler Complete or pick tools to file certain forms a la carte.

Visit our pages for Go16 Complete and Go16 for Section 16 filing solutions or GoFormD for an exclusive Form D solution. We also offer software for preparing and filing Form N-SAR and for creating and filing Form N-MFP1.

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