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Case Studies

Other corporations have already made the change to a GoFiler product and to a better EDGAR filing solution. They’ve reduced the time spent on filings, the costs associated with SEC compliance, and the stress of filing deadlines. See how they did it!


I Knew I Could Do It (Bullfrog Gold Corp.)

After years of added stress as they attempted to coordinate their filings through an outsourcing company, Bullfrog Gold Corp. was ready to bring EDGAR compliance in-house. They chose GoFiler Corporate.

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Novaworks: The Right EDGAR Partner (GeneThera)

GeneThera wanted to maintain total control of their filings, increase their efficiency in preparing the documents, and reduce their EDGAR compliance costs. Their old EDGAR software wasn’t working. It was time to bring in new, innovative technology. It was time to switch to GoFiler Corporate.

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