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Filing Forms 3, 4 and 5 is fast and simple with Go16. Go16 is the only desktop solution available for performing Section 16 EDGAR filings.

Data security and accessibility is of the utmost importance in the corporate world. With Go16, there is never any doubt that your filings stay secure. Your data will be stored on your local computer or network until the moment you press the File button, ensuring maximum privacy. There are no third parties to worry about when using Go16. Your data stays between you and the SEC.

And you can enjoy the power of a desktop application. Other Section 16 solutions require using an Internet browser and connection, which can slow you down. Go16 requires an Internet connection only when sending data directly to the SEC, so you can work from anywhere - even without access to the Internet.

The power and flexibility of Go16 is unparalleled.

Streamline your Section 16 filings

Edit Forms 3, 4, and 5 in a simple interface. Go16's interface is an easy-to-use combination of a form template and dialogs, and it's fast, too. There are no load times or slow responses when working in Go16.
Store information for up to ten reporting owners. Using a secure library file, you can store issuer data as well as the information for up to ten reporting owners. Names, CIKs, CCCs, relationship data and signatures are all kept in an encrypted file that you can password protect and share with other users.
Retrieve and verify data using the EDGAR System. Connect with the EDGAR System to verify CIKs and to retrieve data for reporting owners.
Import data from spreadsheet files or from the clipboard. You can import data from files created by other applications in addition to copying and pasting tables and rows from other Section 16 filings opened with Go16.
Open Section 16 filings from the EDGAR System or any other Section 16 editor. Go16 can open previously filed Section 16 XML documents, so you can use an old filing as a basis for a new one. Go16 will also open any XML file that was properly coded for Section 16 according to the SEC's specification in its Section 16 editor.


Filing is secure. All of your documents and sensitive information is stored on your own computer or network, leaving no room for doubt about its security. All of your data remains on your system until you press the File button. Filings are performed through a secure connection directly to the EDGAR System.
Superior validation and proofing tools help you prevent mistakes. Validation functions will check your document for errors before you file, and our proofing functions create a document proof that renders the form exactly as it would appear on the EDGAR System after it is filed.
Retrieve acceptance messages directly within Go16. Go16 will poll the EDGAR System and download copies of all your acceptance messages immediately after filing, so you know that your filing was received and accepted by the SEC.

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