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GoFiler Corporate

GoFiler Corporate is the only solution you need to complete all of your company's regulatory filings. Compliance is easy, and it doesn't take an expert to complete even the most complex filings.

GoFiler Corporate was developed with ease of use in mind. The complex coding and mark-up languages that are used for your EDGAR filings are hidden, so what you see when you're working is a simple document or spreadsheet like you would see in a word processor like Word or a spreadsheet application like Excel. Familiar working environments relieve some of the burden of learning a new software package. Powerful tools get the job done quickly and accurately.


GoFiler Corporate is an integration tool. Documents can be brought into GoFiler from any source application, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InDesign, Quark or other HTML editing and typesetting programs. You can continue to author your documents in your preferred software and use GoFiler for your conversions only, or you can use the editing and collaboration tools within GoFiler to make it your authoring platform. GoFiler has unparalleled flexibility.
Conversion is as simple as copy and paste. Copy data from external applications and paste directly into GoFiler to convert to ASCII, HTML and XBRL. GoFiler Corporate will also open and automatically convert various file types like .doc and .docx.
XBRL reports can be created from HTML documents or spreadsheets. Data can be copied from your source and pasted it into your XBRL report.


GoFiler's HTML editor looks and feels like a word processor. You have superior control when editing in Page View. Making changes to the formatting of a document is simple and fast, and changes can be made to the HTML file within GoFiler without the need to re-convert an entire document.
GoFiler Corporate is a true XBRL editor. Unlike other software where users must generate a new XBRL report every time a change needs to be made, you can quickly make changes to any portion of your XBRL report without going through a tedious process. You can even open XBRL that was created by other programs, edit the contents of the fileset and export it as a new report.


You can perform all of your filings using one solution. GoFiler is all-inclusive, meaning that it contains the tools to meet all of the filing requirements for 33 Act companies. GoFiler can file periodic reports, proxies, Section 16 filings, Form D and other SEC forms. See a full list of the forms GoFiler can file.
Filing is secure. All of your documents and sensitive information is stored on your own computer or network, leaving no room for doubt about its security. All of your data remains on your system until you press the File button. Filings are performed through a secure connection directly to the EDGAR System.
Superior validation and proofing tools help you prevent mistakes. Validation functions ensure that your filing will be accepted by the SEC before you attempt to file. Proofing tools provide printable or electronic proofs that you can use to make sure the data within the filing is accurate and correct.
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