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Hands-on Training Program

As the saying goes: “There's nothing like being there.” Our Hands-on Training Program allows you to become fully immersed in the subjects of filing, conversion and XBRL without the distractions of office life. Plus, you can interact with the experts, convert your own documents and leave with the confidence that you are getting the most out of your software.

The program consists of up to five days of training in our state-of-the-art facility. Three different courses are split across the five days.

Day 1, Monday – Introduction

GoFiler Desktop, Set Up, Conversion Overview and Filing of Multiple Document Types

Day 2, Tuesday – HTML

HTML Conversion and Editing, Complete Review of Ribbons, Features and Functionality

Day 3, Wednesday – HTML

In-Depth Table Formatting and Tools, Advanced HTML Conversion (Including Nasty Documents)

Day 4, Thursday – XBRL

Introduction to XBRL and XBRL Concepts, GAAP Taxonomy, Standard Financials Set Up

Day 5, Friday – XBRL

Advanced XBRL Topics and Structure Client Topics, Proofing and Validation

All courses include printed materials.

Pick and choose either the Introduction, HTML or XBRL course(s); or take all the courses at once. If you like, take three days one week and the remaining XBRL course at a later week.

For more information on the Hands-On Training Program and for scheduling, please call us at (585) 424-1700.

For a list of local hotels, click here.


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