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On-site Training Program

Our trainers will travel to your office and immerse students in any of our training programs. With on-site training, our trainers can guide you through the process of conversion, editing and filing using your documents and your workstation setup.

On-site training is completely interactive, allowing you and your team to set the pace. Our trainers will cover each topic for as long as you need and help you understand how to best use GoFiler to create your company's filings.

Available training topics include:

Introduction to the Application Desktop
Setting Up the Application
ASCII Conversion and Editing
HTML Conversion and Editing
HTML Table Formatting
Section 16
GoFiler Projects
Filing of Multiple Document Types

All courses include printed materials. Please note that some topics may involve more than one day of training to cover the entire subject in depth.

For more information on the On-site Training Program and for scheduling, please call us at (585) 424-1700.

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