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Looking for information about 13F?

Click here to watch an informative 8-minute video that demonstrates how easy it is to create, edit and file a Form 13F using our software solutions.

Our Financial Reporting Solutions

Streamline your compliance process and reduce risk with tools designed specifically for mutual funds and investment companies. Filing to the SEC, including the creation of XBRL reports, can be done quickly and easily by your current staff.

GoFiler Funds is an integration solution, designed specifically for the task of converting documents from multiple sources and preparing them for filing to the SEC. All of our compliance solutions are capable of filling the gaps between your current computing environment and the EDGAR System, so the final steps in preparing documents and forms for filing can be done using one program.

Submitting filings doesn't have to be a chore. In the past, conversions have been a struggle, and you have had to accept whatever results your software gave you. Your stakeholders provide documents from a multitude of sources, and it’s up to you to piece together cohesive filings from segments generated in Word, Excel, typesetting systems and record-keeping systems. It’s time for software that works for you.

We can handle documents from anywhere and convert them to error-free and fully editable HTML, ASCII and XBRL. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is.

GoFiler Funds

An all-inclusive package, GoFiler Corporate has every tool needed to create EDGAR HTML or ASCII from various source files, generate XBRL Risk Return reports, create Form N-MFP1 and Form N-SAR, and file directly to the SEC. GoFiler Funds is the only desktop solution that can get all of your filings completed quickly and without any hassle. Learn more about what GoFiler Funds can do for you.

Simple Conversion

Documents from any source are converted to EDGAR-compliant ASCII and HTML.
The process is a simple copy and paste operation and works with documents from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, legacy EDGAR tools, desktop publishing software or HTML typesetting systems.
Editing is easy using our Page View technology and other unparalleled tools.
Even XBRL documents are simple to create; import functions automatically generate entire reports from prospectuses.

Innovative Features

Tools to file all of the pertinent forms for your industry are included in one simple package.
Our software uses a revolutionary technology called XBRL Data Exchange (XDX) to link data within HTML prospectuses to XBRL reports.
GoFiler automatically generates XBRL reports from prospectus documents.
Advanced editing features give you full control over all aspects of your documents and allow changes to be made right up to the moment a document is filed.

Powerful Support

User permission levels allow an administrator to set access to certain critical functions.
Our software is updated regularly to address changes made by the SEC and to incorporate new features and improvements requested by our customers.
Training sessions are included at no additional cost to make your transition to GoFiler Funds fast and easy.


Go13 is the best solution for filing Form 13F as well as Form SC 13G and SC 13D to the EDGAR System. It has all of the powerful HTML conversion and editing tools you need for creating compliant HTML and ASCII documents as well as a special editor specifically designed for Form 13F-HR and
Form 13F-NT.

Go13 also has support for filing Form 13H and its derivative forms.

Go13 is a desktop application that stores all of the data you put into it on your own local computer or network for maximum availability and security. Learn more about what Go13 can do for you.


For companies looking exclusively for a solution for filing Form N-MFP1 and Form N-MFP1/A to the SEC, we offer GoMFP. GoMFP is the only solution for creating, editing and filing Form N-MFP1.

GoMFP is a desktop application that stores all of the data you put into it on your own local computer or network for maximum availability and security. Learn more about what GoMFP can do for you.


Investment companies looking for a modern solution for filing Form N-SAR can now choose GoNSAR, the premier N-SAR filing software. GoNSAR creates, opens, and edits the answer file for NSAR filings and contains tools for assembling, validating and securely transmitting your submissions to the SEC.

GoNSAR is a desktop application that stores all of the data you put into it on your own local computer or network for maximum availability and security. It can run on all supported versions of Windows, so you can throw away DOS and enjoy a great interface and a powerful NSAR editor. Learn more about what GoNSAR can do for you.

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