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Transitioning to GoFiler

GoFiler is a robust editing and conversion platform that handles documents created in a variety of other software, including other EDGAR filing software, so transitioning is simple. With an interface designed to match familiar applications like Microsoft Word and form editing tools that look similar to the SEC’s online EDGAR applications, GoFiler is fast to learn and easy to use.

Booklets of information on the transition are available for a number of GoFiler products. If you have additional questions, please contact our sales staff at or by calling (585) 424-1700.

Software Download
GoFiler Corporate PDF
GoFiler Complete PDF


Can GoFiler be deployed in a Windows terminal server environment or used in conjunction with other Remote Desktop Protocols (such as Citrix XenApp)?

Yes. We can supply your IT department with tools that manage your licenses in a terminal environment. Since there are no physical hardware keys to install or run GoFiler, you can deploy it from a terminal server.


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