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Introducing Legato, the first scripting language that harnesses the power of cutting-edge EDGAR filing software to provide a smoother, faster and simpler financial reporting process.

Novaworks is proud to offer our software customers a method of expanding and customizing the functionality of their GoFiler product. Any product in the GoFiler family can run a Legato script with special developer's tools included in certain software packages. Legato scripts will change the way you work by increasing the efficiency of your team, expediting tedious processes, and interfacing your GoFiler software with external databases.

Legato opens the door to endless possibilities. Take your financial reporting to the next level by seamlessly integrating your SEC filing software with your financial databases and other management systems.

Now, your EDGAR software can connect with anything.

Legato: What is it?

Legato is a structured scripting language (similar to C or JavaScript) that allows for the development of a large range of scripts and programs to access and extend the functionality of the GoFiler Family of products. Using Legato, a programmer could develop functions that seamlessly integrate GoFiler tools with external databases, automatically watch a directory and process files that are placed into it, or provide custom operations within a GoFiler application.

The language can be used as a standalone platform, a tool to add features and processing to various existing functionalities, or to expand or modify GoFiler’s menu and ribbon functions. Legato has many characteristics of both a structured programming language and a scripting language in order to provide a high level of flexibility and the capacity to create both complex utilities and extensions as well as very simple, unstructured constructs.

Legato scripts are executed on an interpreted basis like Javascript, Perl or PHP. While this means that Legato functions will not run as quickly as high speed compiled code, it also means that the language is very forgiving with respect to variable type casting and program structure and also has a much lower learning curve.

How does it work?

Scripts written in Legato can be hooked into the GoFiler ribbons and run as menu commands, run as stand-alone scripts, or can be called from the command line. When creating scripts to extend the functionality of your GoFiler product, the process to add the script to the menu requires you to simply copy your script into the Scripts folder in the application's installation directory.

Full documentation for writing scripts and Legato programs is available in the Legato User Manual. Additionally, certain applications in the GoFiler family include access to an integrated development environment (IDE) to help you build and debug your scripts.

Where can I get it?

The basic language is free and can be scripts written in Legato can be run by any GoFiler product (provided that any functions called in the script are supported by that application — for example, GoFiler Lite would not be capable of running a script that converts a document to HTML).

The IDE is included with certain products only, as follows: GoFiler Complete, GoFiler, GoFiler Corporate, GoFiler Funds, and GoXBRL.

Certain restrictions do apply for use in web applications and resale. For more information, contact or call (585) 424-1700.

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