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A number of samples have been created using Legato and made available to aid developers in understanding how the script’s functions operate. Some files are zipped and must be decompressed using a suitable program. Certain scripts, such as hooks, may need to be moved into the “Scripts” folder in the application’s installation directory in order to run the script via a ribbon command within your GoFiler application. In order to test such files, the underlying application will require a restart to enable the registration of the hook to the ribbon.

Sample files may be available as a Legato Script (*.ls or LS), a resource compiler (*.rc or RC), a menu script (*.ms or MS), or a compressed file (*.zip or ZIP) if more than one file is necessary for the operation of the sample script. Note that some browsers may require that you right-click and Save As or Save Target As to download the file. Otherwise the content will open in the browser window.

Sample File Sets:

Name Description File(s) Revised
Convert EDGAR Company IDX to CSV A script demonstrates CSV functions and the FormattedTextToArray function. ZIP LS 12/16/2014
Load and Save CSV as a Table A small program that demonstrates the use of CSVReadTable and CSVWriteTable functions by loading statistics from a file, makes a minor formatting change and then writes the data to a new file. ZIP LS CSV 12/21/2014
Combo Box Controls A (Simple) Example of coding combo box style controls exhibiting various combo box features. ZIP LS RC 12/16/2014
Combo Box Controls B (Drop Style) Example of coding combo box style controls exhibiting various combo box features. ZIP LS RC 12/16/2014
List Box Controls Example of coding list box controls exhibiting various features. ZIP LS RC 12/16/2014
Property Sheet Dialog An example of a multiple tab dialog box. ZIP LS RC 12/16/2014
Simple Dialog Example dialog with inline resource using a text "edit" control. ZIP LS 12/16/2014
Decompress EIS File Decompress EDGARLink Internet Submission File to plain EDGARLink XML file. ZIP LS 12/16/2014
File System
Enumerate Folder Demonstrates basic folder enumeration via GetFirstFile and associated routines. ZIP LS 12/16/2014
Fahrenheit to Celsius Table (float) Create Simple Fahrenheit to Celsius Table using floating point logic. ZIP LS 12/16/2014
Fahrenheit to Celsius Table (int) Create Simple Fahrenheit to Celsius Table using integer logic. ZIP LS 12/16/2014
EDGAR Submit File Hook Example Example of setting a hook on a menu function. ZIP MS RC 12/16/2014
Tiny FTP Browser This utility demonstrates the FTP SDK functions as part of Legato. ZIP LS RC 12/16/2014
Enumerate Project Files Function that loads a table with all the project entries and their properties. ZIP LS 12/01/2014

Using Application Extensions

The new “Extensions” feature allows scripts to append themselves to the menu. Extensions are automatically installed on version 4.1c and later. The application senses and loads the script at startup if it is located in the “Scripts” and the “Extensions” folder. Once installed, the Tools Pop-up Menu in the Extensions Toolset of the File Ribbon will contain the scripts and look something like this:

GoFiler Complete: File Ribbon

GoFiler Complete: File Ribbon

GoFiler Complete, GoFiler Corporate, GoFiler and on a limited basis within GoXBRL and Go13 will include scripts and extensions on this pop-up menu. The Submission Ribbon also has an Extensions Toolset for these applications with a Tools Pop-up Menu that includes EDGAR-specific scripts.

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