Harness the full potential of the Windows Clipboard.

Clipboard Scout is a powerful tool that parses data formats on the clipboard so you can choose the exact information you need.

Clipboard Scout also helps with cross platform clipboard issues that can occur when using Remote Desktop or other terminal sessions. Never lose track of what is on your clipboard again.

View Data on the Clipboard

Clipboard Scout presents data saved to the Windows Clipboard in an easy-to-use window. When data is saved to the clipboard, the software that placed it there often provides the user with multiple data formats. For example, taking a screenshot of your screen will place bitmap, device independent bitmap (DIB) and data interchange format (DIF) data on the clipboard.

With Clipboard Scout, you can view the data in the exact format you want and retrieve it. Even complex data like HTML and images will be rendered in the window to help you identify what you've copied.

Save Clipboard Data To a File

You can save data you copy to the clipboard as a file on your computer to make it easy to keep data you have copied.

Choose a file name, location and file type to store your copied data in its own file.

Get Help

Clipboard Scout is easy to use, but if you need more help, check out our Knowledge Center to answer any questions you might have.

Download for Free

  • Click the download link to download Clipboard Scout.exe
  • Move the .exe file to any computer or network location
  • Double-click to run
  • (Optional) Register your product for additional support