Using Legato

The Legato Scripting Language and the IDE are included in all installations of GoFiler Complete. You may also download the Legato Interpreter for free as a standalone package below.

Legato Basic

This package will allow you to run Legato scripts from a command line. Legato is free for development for personal or non-commercial use. By downloading Legato Basic, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of its use.

Revised: September 21, 2020

Note that because there were no changes relevant to Legato Basic, the version 1.2o was only released as part of GoFiler 5.5b.

Legato Release Notes
Version 1.2p (11/24/2020)
GoFiler 5.5c

1.0 Legato Script Language Notes

This consolidates the latest version (1.2p) and the last version since Legato Basic was not released as part of 1.2o.

1.1 API Function Changes

Date Processing

–  Corrected an issue with the StringToDate function using the SD_RFC-2822 format. If the day of the week was missing, it would result in an syntax error. The day of the week portion is now considered optional.

–  Changed the format parameter on the StringToDate function from int to dword. This is only a semantic change since the parameter contains bitwise binary flags. Also changed the documentation to reflect the default value is SD_ISO_8601.


–  Changed the return value of the LogSetMessageType function to return the previous message type value.


–  Updated the CharacterEntityToValue function to handle 24-bit Unicode characters.

–  Updated the SGMLCharEntityToValue function to handle 24-bit Unicode characters.

–  Updated the SGMLGetCharacterValue function to handle 24-bit Unicode characters.

Arrays (1.2p)

–  Corrected an issue with using keynames as column specifications for FindInTable and SortTable functions.

–  Improved error reporting for SortTable function.

1.2 New Menu Function Parameters

–  Added templates to proof functions.