Using Legato

The Legato Scripting Language and the IDE are included in all installations of GoFiler Complete. You may also download the Legato Interpreter for free as a standalone package below.

Legato Basic

This package will allow you to run Legato scripts from a command line. Legato is free for development for personal or non-commercial use. By downloading Legato Basic, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of its use.

Revised: November 25, 2019

Legato Release Notes
Version 1.2h (11/25/2019)
GoFiler 5.1c

1.0 Legato Script Language Notes 

1.1 General Changes and Enhancements

Internal Processing

–  EDGARSetCredentials updated to allow 12 character password for EDGAR 19.3.

1.2 API Function Changes

SGML and Underlying Parser

–  Improved SGML/HTML/XML (XBRL) error processing for bad tag names and invalid encoding.

–  Added encoding testing for XML/XBRL attribute values.

–  Improved processing of CSS with encoded characters.

–  Improved writing encoding for attributes to work across HTML 3.2, HTML 4.0, HTML 5, XHTML, iXBRL and XBRL.

API Functions

–  Corrected an issue with a required parameter on LogToTable which was not actually required.

1.3 New API Functions


–  GetApplicationStartTick — Returns the time the application was started as the system tick count.

–  GetApplicationStartTime — Returns the time the application was started as ISO-8601 UTC.

–  GetLastActivityTick — Gets the last tick count for all user activities or a a class of activities.

–  GetScriptStartTime — Returns the time the script started in ISO-8601 UTC.

Menu Functions

–  MenuGetFunctionProperties — Returns an array of properties for a specified function.

Quick Keys

–  QuickKeyEnumerate — Enumerates all keys for a specific view.

–  QuickKeyRegister — Registers a quick key for use within a view. Name, Key ID, Function ID.