Combining the accessibility of the cloud with the reliability of your desktop. That’s GoFiler Online.

GoFiler Online

Combining the accessibility of the cloud with the reliability of your desktop. That’s GoFiler Online.

GoFiler Online and its software library provide the best of two worlds: the accessibility and portability of a cloud-based solution and the power and speed of traditional desktop software.

With unlimited file storage on the cloud, you can access and work on your EDGAR filings from anywhere. Just log into your GoFiler Online account and launch your software.

It’s the only EDGAR software you’ll ever need.
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GoFiler Online is free to try. You can create an account, try the software, save your submissions and enjoy all the features GoFiler Online has to offer under your free trial.

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Web Portal
  • Use a web portal to store filings that you can access from any computer at any time
  • Libraries for registrant information and reporting owners store an unlimited number of entries
  • Securely share library data with other users in your organization
  • View past filings and read EDGAR messages as you receive them
Desktop Software
  • Powerful software is installed locally on your computer so you can work on EDGAR filings without worrying about connection speeds
  • Create filings and documents for various EDGAR forms
  • Validate filings and use proofing tools to create PDF proofs of your submissions
  • Secure filing tools transmit data directly to the EDGAR System
Flexible Payment
  • Three different payment plans allow you to cater your filing experience to your exact needs
  • Pay per filings for as little as $40 per filing
  • Purchase filing credits in advance at a discounted rate
  • For bulk filers, an annual subscription starts at $2,995 per year
Industry-Leading Customer Service
  • Call Monday-Friday, 9-6 Eastern for immediate help from one of our experts
  • Partner with a development team that truly listens to and addresses the needs of clients with monthly updates to improve tools, add new features, and correct issues
  • Seamless updates to correspond to new releases of the EDGAR System and a rapid response to unexpected SEC changes that are downloaded automatically when you launch the software
  • Emergency 24/7 support offered as a service




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