Conquer Inline XBRL using patented technology.

XDX or XBRL Data Exchange format embeds special code into documents to identify data points and organizational information from which XBRL data can be easily generated or synchronized.

XDX is a single solution for tagging data to generate linkbases whether for XBRL or inline XBRL. And XDX can be embedded into formats other than HTML, making it an ideal solution for translating complex structured data across non-structured data formats.

What is XDX?

  • The XBRL Data Exchange format (or XDX) is a method of adding intelligence to a document to carry XBRL financial data between different file formats
  • For EDGAR tagging, XDX uses the ID attribute of HTML tags (called engrams) to identify financial information and the HTML tags to decode structural relationships
  • Rather than tag discrete points of data as with Inline XBRL, you can, for example, tag an entire table column with a context and each row with an element to create an entire presentation
  • Data can also be tagged with complete engrams that contain all of the information needed to create a fact, giving you flexibility to tag individual data points if desired
  • XDX can be used with any taxonomy; GoFiler comes equipped with support for all taxonomies accepted by EDGAR, including Risk Return, US GAAP and IFRS


  • Full validation and proofing using the SEC's previewer software help you improve data quality and eliminate errors
  • The Taxonomy Viewer allows you to drag elements directly onto portions of your HTML document to automatically add XDX element engrams to table rows, columns or paragraphs
  • Advanced tools enable sharing for extensions and structural overrides across multiple documents
  • The XDX Split File function divides a single document into multiple components so work can be split among a team

XDX to Inline XBRL

  • Inline XBRL embeds XBRL data directly into an XHTML document
  • Starting June 2019, EDGAR filers must submit periodic filings using Inline XBRL
  • Automatically generate Inline XBRL reports from XDX documents
  • Automatic report creation selects appropriate transforms based on engram data types, excludes page breaks, and builds required linkbases using the XDX document structure
  • Perform document edits and author's alterations in XDX with the full suite of GoFiler’s HTML editing tools and then synchronize data across to your Inline XBRL filing


  • Automatically generate XBRL reports from XDX documents
  • Automatic report creation converts human readable HTML to XBRL compliant data, places all facts on appropriate presentations, and selects appropriate label roles automatically
  • Perform document edits and author's alterations in XDX or XBRL with the full suit of GoFiler's editing tools and then synchronize data across both reports


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