Legato Short Tutorials

Below, training and tutorial videos are available to help you discover Legato and learn more about how to create programs using the Legato Scripting language. Sample files of the scripts used in each video are also available.

Instructional videos can also be accessed by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

Name Description Primary Functions Discussed Watch
01. Hello, Y’all (11:12) A demonstration of how to use the Legato Scripting Language to create a simple “Hello World” program. This video also discusses language syntax and variables and contains a few other script examples to demonstrate different types of variables. MessageBox, OkCancelBox, AddMessage, FileToString, ExplodeString, ArrayGetElementsUsed View
02. Dialog Boxes (20:56) A demonstration of how to create and use dialog boxes with the Legato Scripting Language. This video also discusses dialog controls, property sheets, and validation. DialogBox View
03. Program Flow
Part One: Project Entry (6:01) A discussion of the various methods you can use to start a program in Legato. GetLocalTime, MessageBox View
Part Two: Conditionals (7:00) A discussion of conditional statements, including the ‘if’ and ’switch’ statements. GetFileAttributeString, InString, WordParseGetWord View
Part Three: Loops (7:12) A discussion of loops, including the ‘while’ and ‘for’ statements and the ‘continue’ and “break’ statements. WordParseGetWord, WordParseGetPosition, WordParseSetPosition, GetTagElement, ArrayGetAxisDepth, ArrayGetKeyName, AddMessage View
Part Four: Exit (2:53) A discussion of how to exit a function or script using the ‘return’ and “exit’ statements. N/A View