Training and Instructional Videos

Training and instructional videos can be accessed here at our website and also on our YouTube channel. Our YouTube channel contains instructional videos for Legato and EDGAR XML form views. A number of our most popular on-line webinar training sessions have been recorded so you can view them here.

Training videos are unscripted and walk you through the training program with frequent break-aways from the training slides to show you how to apply what you’re learning directly to GoFiler.

Training videos are divided into segments of approximately 10 minutes each to make downloading and viewing the videos easier. Training materials are provided for client use only and may not be redistributed.

XBRL Training

(Please note that these are legacy videos, see YouTube for inline XBRL. However, they do cover many important concepts for XBRL.)

XBRL training includes a basic course for those just learning about XBRL for the first time. This course contains general information about XBRL and its uses and how to create XBRL reports using GoFiler. Learn how to approach the XBRL question, how to use the tools in GoFiler to create compliant reports quickly, and see step-by-step exactly how the process is done.

Part One – Overview (7:03) Part Two – SEC XBRL Overview
Part Three – XBRL Challenges (16:01) Part Four – GoFiler XBRL User Interface (4:08)
Part Five – XBRL Terminology: Facts (5:26) Part Six – XBRL Terminology: Elements (13:33)
Part Seven – XBRL Terminology: Contexts (8:22) Part Eight – XBRL Terminology: Labels (2:30)
Part Nine – XBRL Terminology: Presentations (5:20) Part Ten – XBRL Walkthrough (15:58)
Part Eleven – GoFiler XBRL Environment (17:51) Part Twelve – XBRL Step-by-Step (21:13)
Part Thirteen – XBRL Step-by-Step (14:43) Part Fourteen – XBRL Files (9:37)
Advanced Topic – Presentations: Shareholder’s Equity (20:25)