EDGAR Filer Manual

Below are links to the current versions of each volume of the EDGAR Filer Manual.

EDGAR Filer Manual, Volume 1 (v41)


Volume I, General Information, covers the EDGAR application process, outlines how to keep company data current and provides a brief introduction to the filing process. Volume I is intended to be a reference for those that need to obtain EDGAR access, those that are new to EDGAR and those that are responsible for keeping company information current.

Last Revised: 12/19/2022


EDGAR Filer Manual, Volume 2 (v69)


Volume II, EDGAR Filing, focuses entirely on the filing process. It illustrates each step of the process to submit an electronic submission and helps filers understand the tools provided by the SEC for constructing and transmitting those submissions. This volume is intended to be a reference for those that are responsible for submitting filings to the SEC via the EDGAR system.

Last Revised: 3/18/2024


Draft EDGAR Filer Manual

There is currently no draft filer manual.