Solving the N-MFP2 Problem.

The SEC Form N-MFP without offering editing software to aid money market funds in filing each month. Instead of relying on a method of creating the schedule of portfolio securities using non-EDGAR software, why not use a tool that is specifically designed for the task?

Import your data from various systems, edit it and validate it for accuracy. Then file securely to EDGAR. Make it simple.

Support for GoMFP will be phased out by 2019. For more information on our other N-MFP2 solutions, please view our pages for GoFiler Online and GoFiler. If you are a current customer, contact for more information.

Form N-MFP2

  • Create filings using powerful desktop software that saves files locally on your computer or network
  • The interface is simple to use with easy data entry, on-screen highlighting to help identify required fields and tools to automatically look up information from the SEC
  • Import data from previous N-MFP, N-MFP1 or N-MFP2 filings or from CSV produced by Excel, databases and other management systems
  • Validate for compliance with EDGAR and proof to check your filing for accuracy
  • File securely to the EDGAR System with tools to collect acceptance messages
  • Support for Forms N-MFP2 and N-MFP2/A as well as backward compatibility for Forms N-MFP, N-MFP/A, N-MFP1 and N-MFP1/A

Industry-Leading Customer Service

  • Call Monday-Friday, 9-6 Eastern for immediate help from one of our experts
  • Partner with a development team that truly listens to and addresses the needs of clients with monthly updates to improve tools, add new features, and correct issues
  • Monthly updates with additional updates to correspond to new releases of the EDGAR System
  • Emergency 24/7 support offered as a service


GoMFP is a subscription software package. All software runs on the Windows operating system and requires Internet access during installation, updates, upon running and when filing to the EDGAR system.

Software can be run on a local computer or from a network location. It can also be installed on a terminal server.






Want to file online?

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